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                                                      December Meeting 2016

                    Here we are again 2016 our Annual Christmas Social, it proved another successful evening well supported by the members at Maitland Hall.The evening opened with a glass of complementary wine or Orange, the Chairman John Delaney welcomed all present.
                   The first item was the Upside Down Bingo run by Audrey & Ken Herbert, this year there were two prizes of Christmas goodies won by Barry Hands & John Delaney.  Three different quizzes were then held organised by John Henshaw &  Barry Knott. Before the buffet we had the music quiz keenly contested then it was time for refreshments. A big thank you to Jackie Charlton who put it all together also to all the members who supplied a wonderful buffet.
                  On completion of the three quizzes the eventual winners were the team led by Mike Bove which resulted in a bottle of wine each.Everyone appeared to have enjoyed themselves.                   

                                             February 2017 Meeting

                  This was our first meeting of the year as we had cancelled our January meeting,it was the AGM.We had the reports from the various officers on what had happened over 2016 and the state of the society and then we had the election of officers and committee and they were all re-elected en bloc,the only change was that Ken Herbert reluctantly stepped down as Publicity Officer after many years doing the job but remains on committee.We then had any other business in which several items were discussed and a full report will be published in the newsletter in March which will also be included on the website as usual.

            The evening was finished with questions on cultivation and the distribution of the society plant cutting,only one free cutting this year as our usual supplier had a problem this year. 

    March 2017 Meeting


            At our March meeting we had one of the stalwarts of the society,Jim Beveridge who is known in the society for his success on the show bench.A very informative lecture on Jim's way of growing fuchsias and he passed on his tips to growing in a very easy to understand way.With quips along the way I think the members enjoyed the evening.

                                                April 2017 Meeting

                                   For this meeting we had a return visit from the well known television gardening presenter Howard Drury,we try to have him every year as he has a wealth of gardening knowledge and a large variety of talks he can give.The talk he gave us was his impressions of what was going to happen in 2017 from details of the new garden the RHS is building to new plants he was trialing in his garden.He gave hie opinions on various products on the market and a mixed variety of plants and other items,also of his involvement with Ashwoods nursery,all in all an enjoyable and informative meeting which the members enjoyed.

                                                     May 2017 meeting




        For this meeting we had nurseryman Geof Croft,he showed us how he makes up various containers and baskets,what compost he uses and what plants he likes to use.He told us what colour combinations he uses and the names and variety of plants,the benefits of the varieties he thinks looks good in his containers and growth patterns.Geof has been known to us for many years and supplies us with the perennial plants for our show for sale,I think the members enjoyed his lecture.

                                       June 2017 Meeting

                          For our June meeting we had Rachel Maiden who works Ashwoods nursery giving a talk on the range of plants that Ashwoods particularly specialize in.It was a very interesting talk as she went into cultivation and tips on the various plants and also had some nice pictures,I think it went down quite well with the members.

                         We also had our society plant minishow judged for cultivation by Jim Beveridge and John Delaney,thanks to everyone who bought a plant and we hope to see them on the showbench.

                          The results were :-  1st............Mr F. Cook

                                                              2nd..........Mrs L.Thomas

                                                               3rd...........Mrs C. Maguire

                                     July 2017 Meeting

             This was once again our pre show talk where rules,pot sizes,methods of transporting plants,what to do with your plants and other things to do with the show was discussed.Along with other questions it was mainly based on the show.

                                  Annual Show 2017

                            Our 2017 show was held at the new venue,Shirley Institute on Saturday the 29th of July,we normally hold it on the Sunday but decided to change it this year.We put on a good show and the weather was kind to us as well,we had about the same through the door as last year but we hope to get more as we become known,a full report will be published in the November newsletter.

                                    August 2017 Meeting

                             This meeting we had Jim Beveridge kindly giving us a talk on the way to overwinter our fuchsias.He told us how he prepares his plants and  everything you need to know,thanks Jim.

                                     September Meeting 2017

          This was our annual plant auction and was presided over by Mike Bove as the auctioneer and assisted by Les Hughes and John Delaney.It was the first meeting in our new venue and although our numbers were slightly down we made a little more than last year.Thanks to all the people that donated plants and thanks to the members that bought them,I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

                                         October Meeting 2017

               This was a talk by David Howells about his life in gardening and how he worked for the council and how he progressed over the years.It involved the development of his own garden over the years and gave us an insight of another persons view of gardening.

                                           November Meeting 2017

               This lecture was called ' A Journey Through Horticulture ' and was given by Samantha Hope.She charted her journey through her degree taking in Ashwoods,Wisley and the Botanical Gardens along the way and was illustrated by a very comprehensive slide show.It also showed what she had done to her back garden in Halesowen,transforming it from an area of grass into a very well laid out garden,I believe when the time is right she would like to run a nursery,a very interesting talk enjoyed by the members.


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