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                                     July 2017 Meeting

             This was once again our pre show talk where rules,pot sizes,methods of transporting plants,what to do with your plants and other things to do with the show was discussed.Along with other questions it was mainly based on the show.

                                  Annual Show 2017

                            Our 2017 show was held at the new venue,Shirley Institute on Saturday the 29th of July,we normally hold it on the Sunday but decided to change it this year.We put on a good show and the weather was kind to us as well,we had about the same through the door as last year but we hope to get more as we become known,a full report will be published in the November newsletter.

                                    August 2017 Meeting

                             This meeting we had Jim Beveridge kindly giving us a talk on the way to overwinter our fuchsias.He told us how he prepares his plants and  everything you need to know,thanks Jim.

                                     September Meeting 2017

          This was our annual plant auction and was presided over by Mike Bove as the auctioneer and assisted by Les Hughes and John Delaney.It was the first meeting in our new venue and although our numbers were slightly down we made a little more than last year.Thanks to all the people that donated plants and thanks to the members that bought them,I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

                                         October Meeting 2017

               This was a talk by David Howells about his life in gardening and how he worked for the council and how he progressed over the years.It involved the development of his own garden over the years and gave us an insight of another persons view of gardening.

                                           November Meeting 2017

               This lecture was called ' A Journey Through Horticulture ' and was given by Samantha Hope.She charted her journey through her degree taking in Ashwoods,Wisley and the Botanical Gardens along the way and was illustrated by a very comprehensive slide show.It also showed what she had done to her back garden in Halesowen,transforming it from an area of grass into a very well laid out garden,I believe when the time is right she would like to run a nursery,a very interesting talk enjoyed by the members.

                                              February Meeting 2018

              This was the first meeting of 2018 and it was the Annual General Meeting and cutting distribution.This was the first time some of us had seen each other for three months as we had to cancel the December meeting because of the bad snow we had.The meeting was conducted as usual with the various reports being presented to the members and the election of officers and committee,although he has been a committee member since late last year we officially welcomed Allan Thomas onto committee.

               We had Any Other Business and most of this was taken up by the move of meeting we have made,several members made their feelings known on the matter and we will have to wait and see if we have made the right choice.The evening was rounded off by the distribution of the society plant cutting and we hope we get a good return at the show.

                                                 March 2018 Meeting

               This month we were grateful to John Delaney for his talk on fuchsia cultivation.John took us through all the aspects of growing fuchsias,the way he does it and throwing tips in along the way.We are pleased to have a grower of his experience able to put over an interesting talk and I think the members enjoyed the talk.

                                                April Meeting 2018

                          We had a return visit from Howard Drury,well known gardening TV presenter who we can always rely on him for an interesting talk.He is into a multitude of pursuits,he trials a lot of gardening equipment and plants that firms give him and also spends time at Ashwoods nursery,so he does not have a lot of spare time.

                     His talk was about what to expect in 2018,and what to look for, recommendations of what plants to plant and what insecticides have gone off the market and ones that are coming in to replace them.He also gave us tour of the owner of Ashwoods own garden and various other plants he has seen over the last year,all in all a very interesting lecture and I think the members enjoyed it as usual,thanks Howard

                                          May 2018 Meeting

             This month we had Samantha Hopes giving us a talk on alpine plants.The first part of her talk was about her journey to the French Alps in search of alpine plants and took us on every stage of her trip and the various places they visited and some of the different alpine plants they found.The second part of her talk concerned the cultivation of alpines and various tips on their wellbeing and the some of the more popular varieties you can grow in this country.All in all a very interesting talk and I think the members enjoyed it.

                                          June 2018 Meeting

          This month we had a visit from Mel Matthews from Wythal who gave us a talk on what it takes to put on a stand at Chelsea flower show.He has been involved in putting two stands on there and gave us an insight into the planning and behind the scenes work involved and the snags they encountered along the way and how they got round them.They got a got a Gold the first time and a Silver the second time,a very interesting talk and I think the members enjoyed it.It was also our mini show in which members bring back their society plant cutting to be judged on cultivation.

                       First Prize........................Allan Thomas

                       Second prize...................Lorainne Thomas

                       Third Prize.......................Les Hughes


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