The story begins in March 1969, when Peter Pashley, who wrote for the Birmingham Mail as Mr Greenfingers, received a letter from a Fuchsia enthusiast, John Gillies. John was looking for a local Fuchsia Society, but Peter could not help him because there was not one in the area at the time.

 Peter did know that Ron Winkley was a very keen Fuchsia grower, in fact he grew in excess of 1000 plants for display purposes.  Peter and Ron got together and decided to find out if there was enough interest around to start a local Society.

 An article duly appeared in the Birmingham Mail, it asked anyone who was interested in forming a Fuchsia Society to write to Ron Winkley.  Ron asked a friend Stan Cash, who was editor of the British Fuchsia Society Newsletter but also wrote for the Garden News to give the new Society a mention, which he did in both publications.

 The letters from prospective members started to roll in and Ron replied to them all asking them to meet him at 7.30 pm on the 10th September 1969 at the Old Crown in Digbeth.  When Ron arrived the place was packed and by the end of that first meeting there were 69 paid up members at 5/- per year,and the Birmingham and District Fuchsia Society was duly formed.

 It has gone from strength to strength until today in its 40th year and present format, one of the early members elected a secretary in the second year, namely, Joan Morris, who is still an active and enthusiastic member today.





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